Note to self: Never piss off an Ethiopian coffee pot vendor by Taryn Smith


Views from the top of the market

Patience is definitely a virtue that we have all come to understand on this trip! Off to a late start yet again, we began our day with a short ride up the mountain to the Hayik market. The streets were bustling with Ethiopians of all sizes and ages on a mission to either buy or sell their product. Whether it was sorghum beans or a caravan of camels, you name it, they had it! The thousands of people that covered the streets was somewhat intimidating but we all just had to put our “don’t mess with us” face on and plunged into the unknown. We spent about three hours up and down. Our guide, Yenenneh, was just amazing with his bargaining techniques. He never rested. Not until he got the best price for us. He even bargained so much with one lady for my coffee pot and she became so irritated that she refused to sell the pot altogether! However, I convinced her to sell it to me again after some ten minutes of pleading. Hey, you do what you have to do for coffee!


A vendor selling her beans in the market


A camel just chilling in the Market

Burnt skin and three hours later, we left the market. The majority of us either satisfied with our purchases or too hot and tired to even care! We hopped in our caravans and said goodbye to the market. We then took a short drive down to the lake were we got lunch. Yirgi though, somewhat underestimated the size of the fish of which we all ordered our own! When they came to the tables, all we could do was laugh! They were huge! No one was able to finish however, the fresh tilapia from the lake we overlooked, was delightful! We all took a minute to catch ourselves under the shaded tree and watched the birds dipping down under the water for fish and popping back up every so often.


The overly large fish we ate!

After a relaxing lunch, we headed out to the monastery on the opposite side of the lake. We purchased traditional garments, bed linens along with other small trinkets. Our driver, Mulay, and Devon decided to take a dip in the cold water while the rest of us watched and pathetically tried to skip rocks. The breeze was refreshing and calming. I think we all really enjoyed the cool breeze at the end of a hectic day. We finished our adventure with a tree climb and a routine group photo. Today was, by far, the best in my book as we proceed on this adventure through Ethiopia!



Me, Katie and Veronica standing at the top of the market


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