A Day to Explore by Brianna Hekrdle

I think it’s finally hit me that I’m in Ethiopia. Even earlier today, it seemed like just another day in the States, but with better food; but after experiencing the traditional dinner and dance of many of the diverse ethnic groups in Ethiopia tonight, it’s finally real!


The dinner began with a traditional band (with instruments whose Amharic names I asked, learned, and forgot already). While we were getting traditional food from the buffet, the dancers began on stage.

(The food, by the way, was delicious. For people with allergies to gluten and milk and a whole host of other things, I was happy to see the “Fasting” half of the buffet line. I asked one our Ethiopian drivers, who explained why people fast. The most devout of the religious people in Ethiopia (Christian, mostly) fast before Easter for a period, and tonight was another of these fasting periods. He, however, didn’t know exactly why. Anyway, the fasting food is great for those with allergies like me, because they don’t use butter, dairy, and meat! Plus, it’s just as good as the non-fasting food.)IMG_7922

The dances really spoke to each Ethnic group’s differences! This group, from Northern Ethiopia, had outfits that Devon and I were big fans of, and dance that I wish I could learn!


Looking forward to a day of work tomorrow!


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